Freequencer music e bike trailer in driving mode for touring

a bike trailer music tour

a unique journey of a creative singer and songwriter

Finally after one year of love, sweat an tears, I finished my bike trailer music project “freequencer” on 22.02.2022 to go a memorable tour. Also see: bike race to mallorca

Watch the video now how we built it in the team and enjoy the vibes with the new single “JUMP” – produced by David Schoenwetter from NY City.

Now it’s time to ride with the awesome music bike into adventerous times!

So do you fancy this music e bike trailer, story, tour lifestyle, vision or music art? 
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More about how the project started and the construction ...

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My list of the tunes I love to play on the tour and know best. Just hit me up and set your wish of a song you find on this list. Then wait to get surprised of an exclusive and limited live version with the mood I am currently in. Also the list is on ultimate guitar, so you have easy access to the lyrics to join singing with me. : )

If not already, I hope to meet you someday on my bike trailer music tour!


Big thanks, hugs and kisses to all the great people, that helped me with realizing this dream project to reality!

First and foremost Jasmine Barbier. Without you all of this would have never even started. I’ll never forget the joy, passion and energy you put in, I’ll never forget you.

  • Andreas Liska – Avanti Linz – alright, you have been the best third wheel for this … lucky this bike trailer has three wheels ; ) – always calm and fun to work with – thank you!
  • Gerhard Nimmervoll – my old friend knows me so well – you motivated me in the times I needed it the most – and you are such a solution brain : ) – thank you!
  • DI Ernst Jessl – Riegler – it was such a chill place to build up the bike trailer from zero – so cool we could use everything we needed and got help from all the guys – thank you!
  • Erich Willner alias Shed Lords – graffiti passion 100% – still works in chill-mode. It was cool and fun to watch the art work progressing! – thank you!
  • Seemann Christian – Eindrucksvoll – if you ever need things printed with perfect quality, this is the place to go – thank you!
  • Erwin Schwarz – I hope we will play a cool outdoor session together with this mobile concert bike – thank you!
  • Werner, Conny, Richi, Frankie, Andi – thank you!
  • And last but not least Jeff Bezos haha – Amazon really helps to get all the things needed for my strive to perfection

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